Eva Aridjis is an award-winning Mexican-American director. She has directed five feature films, including three documentaries. Children of the Street shows the gritty reality of four children living on the streets of
Mexico City and was nominated for two Arieles (Mexican Academy awards). La Santa Muerte is narrated by Gael García Bernal and examines the Mexican cult of La Santa Muerte, a female grim reaper figure
whom followers regard as a saint. Chuy, The Wolf Man depicts the daily struggles of Chuy and his family members who were born with the rare condition of congenital hypertrichosis. These individuals have hair
on their faces and suffer from discrimination in all areas of their lives.

Eva wrote and directed the narrative features The Favor and The Blue Eyes. She taught Screenwriting at NYU’s Grad Film program and wrote on Narcos Mexico 2 . Eva’s films have screened at dozens of festivals including Sundance, Edinburgh, Los Angeles and Karlovy Vary, and at universities and movie theaters all over Mexico and the United States. They have also aired on the Sundance Channel, Discovery Latino and BBC.