The Future Perfect

Winner of Locarno’s prize for best first feature, The Future Perfect follows eighteen-year-old Xiaobin (Zhang Xiaobin) , a recent émigré in Buenos Aires, where she’s rejoined her family after an unspecified time living apart. She’s got a job in a deli, but her Spanish is so poor she can’t understand the customers, and she’s fired….

The Yellow Night

A teen movie about fearing the unknown, the dark and death, THE YELLOW NIGHT is a spiritual slasher and a jab at Brazil’s aimless middle-class youth. A group of seven teenagers travels to a beach house for the Brazilian equivalent of spring break. However, the party ends when night falls and lovely Karina disappears. The…

La Calma

In Mariano Cocolo’s stunning feature film debut, a young student must return home to her childhood farm to take care of her ill father, who is battling landowners threatening to take away their home.

I, Adonis

Emerging Dutch filmmaker Angelo Raaijmakers paints an excruciating vision of a seemingly rare phenomena in this visually striking short film about a young man obsessed with having a perfect physique and the frightening lengths he will go to to achieve sculptural perfection.


She’s an actress, she’s a sex symbol, she’s a superstar, she’s my mother. Sandie “The Goddess Bunny” Crisp is the last truly glamorous star left in Hollywood – Born in Santa Monica, CA, stricken with polio, the transgender cult diva is a she-devil on six wheels. She’s a ballerina with a perfect pirouette and it…


The tiniest glimmer of hope slices through Swiss filmmaker Francesco Rizzi’s critique of affluent, alienated Swiss society. Under the discordant buzzing of Zeno Gabaglio’s sinister electronic score, Rizzi creates a world of industrial landscapes and minimalist office buildings, through which our protagonist Michael glides as though coated in Teflon. A vision of contemporary Swiss life…