A 26 year old kid from the Midwest moves to New York City to find hope and self-discipline through his friendship with a precocious 6 year old and the adult superhero Leather-Man who he conjures from a psychedelic cupcake.


12-year-old Daimi rattles around a decrepit house with her Christmastime companion, a magical piglet. A painful truth hides in the murky water of the bathtub, seamlessly blending reality with fantasy.

Damned Summer

Chico’s summer starts at home, under the cover of the lemon trees. But now, he belongs to Lisbon, where he just finished college and hopes to find a career. Chico’s part of a new generation, void of prospect and expectation. Intoxicated nights of affections and heartbreak propel him into psychedelic hedonism, where burning anguish and…

Farm Boy

Across distant landscapes of the past, Farm Boy wanders through a phantasmagoria of yearning and regret— memories displaced in time.


A charming teenager in Rome wanders the streets of his labyrinthine city enchanting, hurting and bewildering each stranger he meets.


The tiniest glimmer of hope slices through Swiss filmmaker Francesco Rizzi’s critique of affluent, alienated Swiss society. Under the discordant buzzing of Zeno Gabaglio’s sinister electronic score, Rizzi creates a world of industrial landscapes and minimalist office buildings, through which our protagonist Michael glides as though coated in Teflon. A vision of contemporary Swiss life…

Cosmic Candy

Anna works as a cashier at a local supermarket, sleeps alone in a noisy apartment complex, and drifts through her daily routine. The one thing that makes her feel alive is a potent version of Pop Rocks that sends its user into a dreamlike, hallucinogenic state. .First time director Rinio Dragasaki crafts surreal atmospheres that…