Untitled Valentin Merz Film (Work-in-Progress)

Directed by
Valentin Merz
Produced by
Marie Lanne-Chesnot, Valentin Merz
| 2023 | TBA Min
A group of emotionally disturbed Youtube stars are isolated in a chateau in France when a mysterious death links them all to the victim. Before getting to the chateau, multiple personalities are traveling across time. A story about stories. A murder mystery inside a Berlin rave inside a period piece inside a coming of age drama inside a film-inside-a-film. Channeling the multiplicitous works of Cindy Sherman, in one episode Schmitz is a Berlin streetpunk raging at passerby, and in the next stars as a (male) police inspector trying to solve the murder of a Youtube star. Jumping out of and into various time periods, Schmitz is the outrageous connective tissue in this puzzle of fragmented souls and identities: a film of the streamer generation.