For the Time Being

Directed by
Salka Tiziana
Produced by
Salka Tiziana, Tom Otte & Chantal Scheiner
| 2021 | 71 Min

German Larissa and her nine-year-old twins arrive at their father’s paternal home in the Spanish Sierra Morena mountains. Surrounded by majestic mountainsides full of sun-bleached crops and slow-moving livestock, intimate scenes of familial strangers play out within the walls of the home. The women’s routine existence, quiet in its remoteness, is interrupted by the children’s energetic presence. As the scorching hot days go by, everyone tries to relate to each other. Is it a language barrier that renders meaningful conversation all but impossible? Shot on 16mm film, the texture and warmth of the domestic narrative contrast the sharp, High Definition drone shots of the expansive landscape.