Give Me Pity!

Directed by
Amanda Kramer
Produced by
Jacob Agger, Sarah Winshall, Amanda Kramer, Benjamin Shearn, Rhianon Jones, Riccardo Maddalosso & Samuel Gursky
| 2022 | 80 Min

“Sophie von Haselberg shines bright in this lurid picture of stardom undone.”– Wendy Ide, Screendaily

“A thing of beauty and wonder, relishing excess.” – Alexandra Heller, AFWJ

“Best watched late at night with your mind and third eye wide open.” – Richard Gray, The Reel Bits


A Primetime Saturday Night Network Television Spectacular starring Sissy St. Claire! Sissy St. Claire graces the small screen for her first ever television special, an evening full of music and laughter, glamour and entertainment! But Sissy’s live event quickly begins to curdle into a psychedelic nightmare of vanity, insecurity and delusional ambition, provoked by the glowering presence of a mysterious masked man…

A Utopia x Aspect Ratio Release