Love Me Not

Directed by
Lluís Miñarro
Produced by
Julio Chavezmontes / Piano
| 2019 | 82 Min

“Teeming with more big ideas in its short running time than some directors manage in their careers, maverick filmmaker Lluis Minarro’s Love Me Not manages, by virtue of being structured by the biblical story of Salome, to end up being not only challenging, but elegantly compact, too.” – Jonathan Holland, Hollywood Reporter

A reverie on the edge of ambivalence and gender. Salomé (Ingrid García-Jonsson) is the daughter of the corrupt commander and his adulterous wife; the prophet is locked up in a cave because of his subversive predictions. Just as in Oscar Wilde’s interpretation, Salomé is obsessed by the prisoner (and all the men in the camp by her). The world has become a place where there’s no room for purity and truth. Starring Lola Dueñas and Óliver Laxe.