Sisters with Transistors

SISTERS WITH TRANSISTORS is the remarkable untold story of electronic music’s female pioneers, composers who embraced machines and their liberating technologies to utterly transform how we produce and listen to music today.


Mustang returns to his hometown, where he tries to produce a hip hop al- bum with his old crew which is in the middle of a cold war with a rival gang. As Mustang looks for a sense of belonging through old friends, old streets and music samplings, he is drawn to the life of…

White Shadow

This story of an albino boy struggling to survive in Tanzania is harrowing to watch but also marbled with moments of transcendent beauty. Artist-turned-director Noaz Deshe’s debut feature about Alias (Hamisi Bazili), an adolescent boy struggling to survive in his native Tanzania, is in some ways the definition of challenging cinema. An extraordinary work, half…


Kimmi, Sally and Nancy are best friends 4ever, secretly hanging out overnight at their high school. Only Kimmi’s a vampire who’s in love with Sally, and it’s going to be one hell of a queer neon night.

Henry Glassie-Field Work

The worldwide travels and unique cultural finds of renowned American folklorist Henry Glassie are enthrallingly chronicled in this portrait by director Pat Collins (Song of Granite). Henry Glassie has made a life out of studying folk artists and the marvels they create. Over the past 50 years, the renowned US scholar has travelled to five…

San Vittore

Every time children visit their parents at the San Vittore prison in Milan, Italy, they’re subjected to a thorough security check. They have to turn in their bags, have their shoes and dolls checked, and go through a metal detector. Then a guard leads them by the hand along the long, bare corridors to the…

San Siro

If we accept the perception of football as a religion. then San Siro is holy ground. An “anatomy of a stadium,” as director Yuri Ancarani himself calls it, isn’t a commentary on the phenomenon of football as a substantive or clinical study of a place. From certain angles, San Siro reveals itself to us as…

The Future Perfect

Winner of Locarno’s prize for best first feature, The Future Perfect follows eighteen-year-old Xiaobin (Zhang Xiaobin) , a recent émigré in Buenos Aires, where she’s rejoined her family after an unspecified time living apart. She’s got a job in a deli, but her Spanish is so poor she can’t understand the customers, and she’s fired….

A Hole in My Heart

From the director of the hotly anticipated Paradise Drifters, A Hole in My Heart captures an achingly beautiful moment in time when a French teenager mourns the loss of his brother after a car accident.


In the Garden of Eden, what if Adam couldn’t produce healthy sperm for Eve? The absurdities of fertility are explored in this quirky piece following a garden-center worker battling shame and emasculation as the thought of being infertile starts to take a hold of his life – and forces him to come up with a…