In the Garden of Eden, what if Adam couldn’t produce healthy sperm for Eve? The absurdities of fertility are explored in this quirky piece following a garden-center worker battling shame and emasculation as the thought of being infertile starts to take a hold of his life – and forces him to come up with a…

Marc Jacobs

Shot on the streets of Amsterdam using a cast of non-actors, this short film about a 9 year old Moroccan kid in the Dutch projects who wants nothing more than a pair of cool new sneakers became the basis for Sam de Jong’s feature film debut, Prince. Selected for the Berlinale, won the Norwegian Chair…


Winner of the award for Best European Fiction Short at the Go Short Festival, Noel Loozen’s highly stylised yet playful and slightly surreal drama follows a lovelorn food truck worker who parks right across the street from a brothel with an alluring girl who evidently needs Sam’s help. International premiere at Berlinale.


Gita is a single mother making ends meet in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her daughter Lila, a whimsical nine-year-old, soars through her neighborhood, climbing trees and wreaking havoc.

The Future Perfect

Winner of Locarno’s prize for best first feature, The Future Perfect follows eighteen-year-old Xiaobin (Zhang Xiaobin) , a recent émigré in Buenos Aires, where she’s rejoined her family after an unspecified time living apart. She’s got a job in a deli, but her Spanish is so poor she can’t understand the customers, and she’s fired….


Mustang returns to his hometown, where he tries to produce a hip hop al- bum with his old crew which is in the middle of a cold war with a rival gang. As Mustang looks for a sense of belonging through old friends, old streets and music samplings, he is drawn to the life of…


Adapted from the tale of adventures of Portuguese sailors heading east to India, China, Japan and so on that beats its name, Pilgrimage has always been a controversial work, accused of historical inaccuracy and initially slammed by the Catholic Church. Botelho is well aware of the book’s ambiguous identity and decides to embrace it, thus…

Red Leaves

King Lear is one inspiration for Ethiopian-Israeli director’s debut feature. With themes of immigration and the family, Ethopian-Israeli director Bazi Gete’s first feature Red Leaves — about an Ethiopian man living in Israel who sells his house after the death of his wife and moves between his children’s homes — is inspired partly by Gete’s…

Soldate Jeanette

Fanni is a middle-aged businesswoman living a lifestyle that only the most advanced post-postmodern capitalist society can offer: independence, financial speculation, compulsive consumerism, matcha, Taekwondo. She is well off – apparently – so much so that she can bypass real money to surround herself with luxury and its highest form of absurdity: buying to throw…


Teenland is a personal expression of existential unease, overtly inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, conceived as an precursor to Marie Grahto’s feature film debut, Psychosia.