Blood Conscious

A white shooter violently terrorizes an African-American family’s getaway weekend in Upstate New York in this subtle and unsettling indie alternative to Us and Get Out.

Chuy, The Wolf Man

Jesus “Chuy” Aceves and a dozen members of his extended family suffer from the very rare “werewolf syndrome”. Due to their appearance, they suffer from discrimination in all areas of their lives. This moving and visually arresting documentary is a portrait of Chuy and his relatives and examines their struggle to find love, acceptance and…

Cosmic Candy

Anna works as a cashier at a local supermarket, sleeps alone in a noisy apartment complex, and drifts through her daily routine. The one thing that makes her feel alive is a potent version of Pop Rocks that sends its user into a dreamlike, hallucinogenic state. .First time director Rinio Dragasaki crafts surreal atmospheres that…


When a pair of fumbling teenage ravers in 1994 Mexico City take too many psychedelics, they receive a prophecy that the only progressive Presidential candidate in the upcoming election, Colozio, will be shot in 3 days – and it’s up to them to stop the assassination. Like a mix of Dude Where’s My Car and…


The tiniest glimmer of hope slices through Swiss filmmaker Francesco Rizzi’s critique of affluent, alienated Swiss society. Under the discordant buzzing of Zeno Gabaglio’s sinister electronic score, Rizzi creates a world of industrial landscapes and minimalist office buildings, through which our protagonist Michael glides as though coated in Teflon. A vision of contemporary Swiss life…

Die Kinder Der Toten (Children of the Dead)

A group of Syrian poets seek refuge In the mountains of a small Austrian village, but racist locals believe they’re actually flesh-eating zombies. Produced by renowned Austrian director Ulrich Seidl and directed by experimental theater veterans Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska, this 16mm curio imagines Elfriede Jelinek’s harsh critique of Austrian provincialism as a silent…

El Padre Medico

A Lithuanian doctor, priest and a war refugee Alexander Ferdinand Bendoraitis (1919-1998) resettles to the Amazonian jungle in 1960’s and becomes a local hero: establishes a boat-clinic network, the first jungle radio, and starts the pacification of local indigenous tribes and builds the most modern hospital in the Amazonia. Yet, as he gets involved in…


A charming teenager in Rome wanders the streets of his labyrinthine city enchanting, hurting and bewildering each stranger he meets.


In her directorial debut, actress Malin Barr (co-starring with Sawyer Spielberg in Honeydew) tells an autobiographical tale of her experience as a Swedish immigrant living in Trump’s America, in this beautifully shot and grippingly nightmarish short.

Eyimofe (This is My Desire)

Nigerian brothers Chuko and Arie Esiri join forces on this quietly revolutionary first feature, a reverse-migration tale in which Lagosians dream of a life in Europe but ultimately decide there’s no place like home.