Possessed by entrepreneurial ambition, an amateur con artist recruits a precocious neighborhood kid to fake a Bar Mitzvah and split the profit.


Gita is a single mother making ends meet in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her daughter Lila, a whimsical nine-year-old, soars through her neighborhood, climbing trees and wreaking havoc.


A documentary about the travels of a hypothetical geographer and explorer captivated by the Venezuelan Guyana, the land of the grand Orinoco River and of grand gold reserves that lie beneath Moriche palm groves. The geographer observes the extraction of gold and the life of the miners, making drawings, maps, and illustrations. The film revealsn…


Mustang returns to his hometown, where he tries to produce a hip hop al- bum with his old crew which is in the middle of a cold war with a rival gang. As Mustang looks for a sense of belonging through old friends, old streets and music samplings, he is drawn to the life of…