Daughters of Destiny

On the closing night of their favorite bar, Eden, Crystal and Ibtissame experience strange events. Crystal mysteriously disappears, kidnapped by a purple star. Eden sets out to find the one she loves, only to discover that Crystal is trapped in a parallel and fantastic world…

The Dalles

A 10 minute coming-of-age film about an 18 year old trans boy who becomes enamoured with a passing cyclist, set in rural Oregon.

Don’t Look At Me

In an alternate-universe London where social outcasts, court jesters and raconteurs rule, a young outsider (JAXXON D. SILVA) wakes up on his birthday and greets his neighbors with a simple antisocial pickup line. Does the nameless punk really want to be ignored by the rogue’s gallery of fellow misanthropes or, does he just want to…

To Erase a Cloud

Taking a drunken cab to his mother’s grave, robbing a porno from the local liquor store, John Little (Sonny Hall) meanders from the realities of his daily existence into a fantasy life where there is beauty in the bleakness.

Untitled Valentin Merz Film (Work-in-Progress)

A group of emotionally disturbed Youtube stars are isolated in a chateau in France when a mysterious death links them all to the victim. Before getting to the chateau, multiple personalities are traveling across time. A story about stories. A murder mystery inside a Berlin rave inside a period piece inside a coming of age…

Nothing But the Sun

Trying to preserve their dying culture, Mateo traverses the arid and desolate Paraguayan Chaco, recording stories, songs, and testimonies of other Ayoreo natives who — like him — were exiled from the forest, losing their ancestral territory, their means of subsistence, their beliefs, and their home.

Letters to Paul Morrissey

Four celluloid love letters sent from different parts of the world to Velvet Underground agent, Warhol collaborator, and renaissance Factory man Paul Morrissey, director of Trash, Flesh and Heat.

La Calma

In Mariano Cocolo’s stunning feature film debut, a young student must return home to her childhood farm to take care of her ill father, who is battling landowners threatening to take away their home.

I, Adonis

Emerging Dutch filmmaker Angelo Raaijmakers paints an excruciating vision of a seemingly rare phenomena in this visually striking short film about a young man obsessed with having a perfect physique and the frightening lengths he will go to to achieve sculptural perfection.



A young girl uses her innate gifts to fight back against an abusive local boy in this witchy revenge fantasy starring up and coming Mexican actress Ruth Ramos.