Henry Glassie-Field Work

Directed by
Pat Colllins
Produced by
Tina O'Reilly
| 2020 | 105 Min

The worldwide travels and unique cultural finds of renowned American folklorist Henry Glassie are enthrallingly chronicled in this portrait by director Pat Collins (Song of Granite).
Henry Glassie has made a life out of studying folk artists and the marvels they create. Over the past 50 years, the renowned US scholar has travelled to five continents, conducting fieldwork with an obsessive thoroughness. Each project Glassie undertakes requires at least a decade. Brimming with insights into the artistic impulse — and how every culture manifests its own standard of beauty and meaning — this poetic portrait of Glassie doubles as a travelogue, taking us places Glassie has embedded himself.