We Might As Well Be Dead

It may only be a tower block on the edge of a forest, but you can tell by the look on the faces of the people hoping to join the building’s community that this must be one of the last bastions of civilization in a world that has fallen apart. Here, the goal is to…

Love Me Not

“Teeming with more big ideas in its short running time than some directors manage in their careers, maverick filmmaker Lluis Minarro’s Love Me Not manages, by virtue of being structured by the biblical story of Salome, to end up being not only challenging, but elegantly compact, too.” – Jonathan Holland, Hollywood Reporter A reverie on…

Don’t Look At Me

In an alternate-universe London where social outcasts, court jesters and raconteurs rule, a young outsider (JAXXON D. SILVA) wakes up on his birthday and greets his neighbors with a simple antisocial pickup line. Does the nameless punk really want to be ignored by the rogue’s gallery of fellow misanthropes or, does he just want to…

The Bugs and the Slugs

A human boy embarks on a journey of sexual discovery on an alien planet. When his forbidden romance with a troll is discovered, he must earn his place in the village or he will be roasted alive.

Letters to Paul Morrissey

Four celluloid love letters sent from different parts of the world to Velvet Underground agent, Warhol collaborator, and renaissance Factory man Paul Morrissey, director of Trash, Flesh and Heat.


Fernando is a teenage boy living in the traditional countryside of São Paulo. With the insurmountable peer pressure to lose his virginity, he ends up engaging in a sexual encounter with an older man he met online. The hook up doesn’t go as expected.


A secret love letter whispered between women. “For those who have drifted away but once meant a great deal to me”. Trilogy is a film in three parts about love & loss permeating dream & memory.

The White Devil

Directed by actor-writer Ignacio Rogers (Esteros and The Dose), The White Devil – El Diablo Blanco – is an entertaining, frightening first feature that takes the tropes of a camping trip gone horribly wrong to dizzying, paranoid new heights. Slightly and ever so subtly touching upon Argentina’s colonial past while eviscerating its sexy and convincing…

Keep Me Company

Two lovers meet in a secluded country home to try to heal their relationship without distraction, but the property’s pool has other mysterious intentions…

Last Days of Leningrad

Maria Zenströmm created an ode to her family in what, in 1989, was known as Leningrad. Shot in black and white, cleverly edited, stiffly acted and dubbed to create distance, the family diner and dance get overshadowed by an oppressive mood. The homely scenes alternate with a young Zenströmm providing wry commentary. That life no…