BUST / U.S.A. (Director and Screenwriter: Angalis Field, Screenwriters: Angalis Field, Eliza Barry Callahan, Producer: Drake Burnette) — A trans cop with the New York City Police Department goes undercover to make a drug bust. Cast: Lux Pascal, Nicky DeMarie, Cole Doman.

Sydney & Kim

SYDNEY & KIM is a film about the demise of a close friendship, exploring how sickness and debility transform what we hold most dear. “Equally motivated by Mumblecore filmmaking of the 1990s and the New Topographics landscape photography movement of the 1970s, Sydney & Kim theorizes SoCal “shitty heaven” as an allegory for the ubiquity…

You Resemble Me

“A strong, muscular, heartfelt film.” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian “An extraordinary directorial debut — based on actual events — in which form and content fuse to discover a new cinematic language.” – Ann Hornaday, Washington Post “Filmed and edited with dynamism, You Resemble Me catches our attention by touching on a number of central…

We Might As Well Be Dead

It may only be a tower block on the edge of a forest, but you can tell by the look on the faces of the people hoping to join the building’s community that this must be one of the last bastions of civilization in a world that has fallen apart. Here, the goal is to…

Love Me Not

“Teeming with more big ideas in its short running time than some directors manage in their careers, maverick filmmaker Lluis Minarro’s Love Me Not manages, by virtue of being structured by the biblical story of Salome, to end up being not only challenging, but elegantly compact, too.” – Jonathan Holland, Hollywood Reporter A reverie on…

Give Me Pity!

“Sophie von Haselberg shines bright in this lurid picture of stardom undone.”– Wendy Ide, Screendaily “A thing of beauty and wonder, relishing excess.” – Alexandra Heller, AFWJ “Best watched late at night with your mind and third eye wide open.” – Richard Gray, The Reel Bits   A Primetime Saturday Night Network Television Spectacular starring Sissy St. Claire! Sissy St….

The Dalles

A 10 minute coming-of-age film about an 18 year old trans boy who becomes enamoured with a passing cyclist, set in rural Oregon.

Don’t Look At Me

In an alternate-universe London where social outcasts, court jesters and raconteurs rule, a young outsider (JAXXON D. SILVA) wakes up on his birthday and greets his neighbors with a simple antisocial pickup line. Does the nameless punk really want to be ignored by the rogue’s gallery of fellow misanthropes or, does he just want to…

To Erase a Cloud

Taking a drunken cab to his mother’s grave, robbing a porno from the local liquor store, John Little (Sonny Hall) meanders from the realities of his daily existence into a fantasy life where there is beauty in the bleakness.


Four young strangers surrender to a global catastrophe that seems unstoppable to them. Washed up on the very last island, spat out by the raging tide, covered in atomic algae – this is how they begin their disillusioned play between life and death. It’s a dream. It’s not a dream. It’s the world’s end. It’s…